Vaibhav Engineering

VE C700 Crawler Drills

The Vaibhav Crawler Drills are reliable, effective, and versatile drilling rig that offers maximum output for the best return on investment. The compact and lightweight track-mounted frame is ideal for maneuvering over rough terrains and confined areas. It has a versatile feed boom arrangement that allows it to perform drilling in a wide range of angles and orientations.

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Key features:

  • Two to Three man operated high production drill rig
  • Capable of both DTH
  • Quick conversion kit for switching between DTH & top hammer drilling
  • Two independent, air motor powered track assemblies on either side
  • Reliable self-propulsion
  • Powerful feed system with strong and heavy feed chain which can exert loads of up to 2200 kgf on either side
  • Wide coverage of vertical, horizontal and angle drilling positions through boom and guide setup
  • Centralized control placed on track assembly for quick and easy access
  • Heavy duty tow hitch for attaching and towing air compressor
  • Rugged construction and advanced design ensure power and reliability over long term
  • Low running costs 
Drilling Tower Length 50000 mm
Pull Up Force 17000 kgf
Leveling Jack 100mm from Hydraulic jack open type
Hole Diameter 6 to 9 Inches
DTH Drilling Depth 300 meters
Deck Engine 180 HP Ashok Leyland
Hyd. System Pressure Maximum Working Pressure 2900 psi
Work Method Water well Drilling Rig, DTH Cum Rotary
Drilling Tower Box Type Structure
Max Capacity - 16 Ton
H.S Rod Handling Capacity 10 Ft.
Roatryhead Rotaryhead Powred by one Orbital Hydraulic motor
Maximum Speed 40-120 RPM


  • VE C700 Crawler Drills